Following last week's "conspiracy" that left him in the bottom two with a bad taste in his mouth, Astro had a lot to prove this week. So did his fans.

The 15-year-old phenom did his own version of Jay-Z's 'Show Me What You Got.' Astro poked fun at his dejected behavior last week. He dedicated his performance -- and his lyrics -- to his 'Astronauts': "Show me what you got X-Factor / Show me what you got Team Astro / Tonight is the night / My astronauts in the building."

Not only did Astro acknowledge his behavior in song, he also addressed it directly to the audience and panel. "Last week I had a moment -- I could have handled myself better," he said earnestly. "To Team Astro and mostly to hip-hop, I'll never let you down again."

Astro didn't let the judges down, either. Paula Abdul was so proud of Astro that she actually asked to be an astronaut! "You are are well on your way to becoming prolific. Anyone who's hating on you must be just perfect. But I've never met anyone perfect, not even [Simon]."

Despite Abdul's accusations, Simon Cowell was actually appreciative of Astro's performance -- and even somewhat of his behavior last week. "The music business needs unpredictability. I don't like everybody just to toe the line," Cowell said. "I like people who are passionate. I don't think it was a perfect song, but in terms of showcasing your talent, I can't fault that."

L.A. Reid was sincere, but commented more on Astro's apology than on his performance. "You humbled yourself, you apologized, and you came out and performed. All I can ask is that you be a gentleman," Reid said. "Keep a good head on your shoulders and do your very best, and you'll do fine."

Fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger was on the same page as Reid. "I'm very proud of you Astro," she told the pint-sized Brian Bradley, before giving a pointed piece of advice. "You said that you're taking over in your rap ... Never expect and always remain grateful, because that's what's going to take you all the way."

Watch Astro Perform 'Show Me What You Got' on 'X Factor'