Ausem are a couple of 15-year-old kids who came to audition for the judges on 'X Factor.' It also looks as though they brought about half of the New York metropolitan area to cheer them on. Along with their parents, friends, neighbors and whoever else they could round up to come along, Austin and Emily -- otherwise known as Ausem -- said they are aspiring to be on the same level as Lady Gaga one day.

As they performed their theatrical rendition of Christina Perri's 'Jar of Hearts', there was one member of Ausem who really stuck out to the judges -- and that was Austin. It seems as though the two just got going, and just as Simon Cowell was cracking a smile, Paula Abdul signaled for the music to stop.

Cowell started, "I think the audience you are aiming at will understand you perfectly." This was met with a round of loud cheers from Ausem's devoted fan club. L.A. Reid went on to say, "Austin, I think you're a star." While he did give them a yes, Reid also said he was not totally convinced of their success as a duo.

Then came Nicole Scherzinger's turn to give Ausem an answer, and boy did she have a difficult time with this one -- so much difficulty that Cowell turned to her and said, "Yes or bloody no" before getting up from the judges' table and walking away for a moment. Though Scherzinger hemmed and hawed over Ausem's fate, she eventually gave them the thumbs up to move onto the next round, saying her answer may have been influenced by Cowell's bullying.

Before Ausem left us, Emily realized her counterpart was shouldering the burden, admitting that she was nervous and would have to "step her game up." No matter where Ausem ends up in this competition, we bet we'll be hearing from Austin for a long time after 'X Factor' is over.

Watch Ausem Sing 'Jar of Hearts' on 'X Factor'