Austin Mahone didn't bring his guilty pleasure hit 'Banga! Banga!' to the stage of 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' (Dec. 14). Instead, the teen sensation sang 'Silent Night,' which is obviously appropriate because it's the holiday season.

Mahone's version featured backing vocalists, fingersnaps and a backbeat while he belted out the solemn hymn with a smile on his face and while wearing a blue knit cap.

It was certainly a kicked up version and a unique spin on a classic holiday tune and it was intriguing to see how Mahone, who is often compared to Justin Bieber, handled it. We were expecting him to bounce around the stage with 'Banga! Banga!' since that's his new single. But we were pleasantly surprised by this choice.

It's not every day that we get to hear Austin Mahone sing a Christmas song. It wasn't ostentatious or flashy; it was subdued and delivered with some changes.

He hit some sweet spots with his voice during the performance. There was one moment where he even did a little falsetto, too.

Mahone wished everyone a Merry Christmas as he finished the song. He wore an ear-to-ear grin, knowing that he done good. It may have been past his bedtime and ours when the perf aired, but it was worth it.