We've always thought that Austin Mahone had that late '90s/early 2000s throwback kinda sound, so he was totally in his element on this cover of Craig David's 'Fill Me In,' which he sang with up-and-coming artist Pia Mia.

As if the nostalgia wasn't enough of a factor to immediately draw you into the tune, Pia Mia's sweet vocals definitely have that hook. Since the song was originally done by R&B artist Craig David, we have to say that we love the female perspective on the track: She belts out those lyrics with passion.

And once Austin Mahone starts crooning his part, let the romantic sighs commence. Not only does Mahone's voice have a more mature quality to it, we love how seamlessly it just fits on the track. If we hadn't known it was a cover, we definitely would have mistaken 'Fill Me In' for an Austin Mahone original -- that's how perfect this cover is.

Check out Pia Mia and Austin Mahone's cover of 'Fill Me In' above. This is totally our jam.