With his backwards baseball cap, varsity jacket, cute face and Justin Bieber style, teen sensation Austin Mahone rules the school in his new video for 'Say Somethin.' He exudes confidence while doing so.

Mahone dances on desks, totes a backpack and busts moves while walking down the hallway -- flirting with and admiring the cute high school honies. Essentially, Mahone behaves like a typical teenage boy in the video. The director effectively captures the day-in-the-life-of-a-high-schooler vibe.

He shows of his killer dance skills in the gymnasium during what feels like a pep rally. Dare we say that Mahone might be a better dancer than The Biebs? It certainly looks like he is, at least in the 'Say Somethin' video.

Don't go nuts, Beliebers. We know The Biebs can dance his butt off, that he rules the roost and that he owns your hearts. But Mahone is nipping at his heels, and he demonstrates some seriously smooth moves, especially at the 2:10 mark. He looks good in his red leather varsity jacket and backed up by his boys; he is establishing himself as The Biebs' heir apparent, at least when it comes to dancing.

When The Biebs turns 20 and has to hand off his teen pop baton, the person to receive that very baton will be Austin Mahone. He's going to be big. Make that huge. Remember, you read it here first.