It's no 'Secret' that Austin Mahone is super talented, super cute and has millions of super dedicated Mahomies -- all of which was more than evident in his 'Secret' music video.

The vid for 'Secret' just dropped today (Sept. 24), and it's basically a giant party on stage. If you weren't able to attend a concert on Austin Mahone's summer tour (or just want to re-live the memories!) this vid (which you can feast your eyes on above) gives you an Austin-eye view, getting you up-close-and-personal to Austin's smooth vocals and even smoother dance moves. And just wait 'til you see all of the die-hard Mahomies in the audience, screaming, dancing and singing every single line of the song -- Austin Mahone fans don't mess around.

And have we mentioned just how downright adorable Austin looks in this vid? With that spiky hair and those arm muscles, we couldn't help but swoon throughout all four glorious minutes. Sigh.

Check out the music video for 'Secret' above!