Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson are two of pop's biggest up-and-coming talent. Not only can they sing, they love to spend time surfing in the sun.

We would be pumped to spend some one-on-one time with either of these cuties! Who would you rather surf with?

MTV's Artist to Watch, Austin Mahone, is super sweet and charming. (Just watch his hilarious McDonald's commercial!) Austin has all of Justin Bieber's charisma, minus the trouble streak. As a surfing companion, we bet he'd be light-hearted and ready to race you to the shore. Where do we sign up?

With his bleached-blond hair and bright eyes, Cody Simpson is a total surfer dream. His laid-back personality and humbleness only makes us want to hang out with him even more. He would be a calm presence in the water, especially for newbie surfers. And did we mention his Aussie accent?

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