Now that Austin Mahone has joined the ranks of celeb hotties with facial piercings, we couldn't help but be reminded of one of our other fave pierced stars: Luke Hemmings and that super sexy lip ring of his. So, of course, we have to ask: Whose piercing do you like better?

As we reported, Austin Mahone just changed up his look in two major ways: He buzzed his hair and got his nose pierced -- all in a day's work. The 'Waiting for This Love' singer is now sporting a simple silver stud in his nose, which definitely gives him a more stylish and edgy look. Austin wasn't afraid to take a bold step -- and we're totally digging his sweet new piercing.

Luke Hemmings' lip ring gives us so much life. The 5 Seconds of Summer frontman's lip piercing is an integral part of his appearance -- it's what makes Luke, well, Luke. It gives him exactly the right amount of punk-rock edge and "bad boy" style without going overboard. And the fact that it sits all the way in the corner of his mouth means that the rest of his lips are free for kissing singing, not that we've thought about that before or anything.

Whose facial piercing is your fave? Cast your vote for Austin or Luke in the poll below!

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