Mahomies everywhere are undoubtedly weeping over the generosity of their fave, Austin Mahone. He took to Twitter today (Dec. 15) to unveil a brand new song called 'Waiting For This Love,' simply as a way of letting fans know how appreciative he's been of all their support.

The surprise song is an R&B number with Austin crooning about how he's ready to fall in love again and allow himself to feel vulnerable: "I built my walls up high / But now they're falling / And you're the reason why / And with you I'm not alone / Cause you are the one I've waited for." It's a super sweet song about a girl he's interested in, and we are totally swooning over the 90s sound.

Apparently, Austin wrote the song while in Miami, as is evidenced by his caption. He wrote: "Robert and I wrote this in Miami recently. I wanted to give it to you guys as a thank you for supporting everything I do."

You can check out 'Waiting For This Love' posted above, and let us know how you feel! Do you guys totally love it or what!?

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