The life and times of Kanye West will be told out in a musical production that's being produced by two actors from the University of Sydney in Australia. Budding thespians Phillip Roser and Damien Higginbotham are presenting 'Kanye: The Musical' to the Aussie stage in honor of the king of beats.

According to the duo's Facebook page, 'Kanye The Musical' is a "story of a struggle against the man to become the man. It’s about a guy who took a shot at the throne and didn’t miss. This is the tale of Kanye." LOL! Sorry, but we had to laugh at that synopsis.

Roser, who is studying education at the university, insists that this play is the real deal and not some moronic joke. "I'm a big Kanye fan," Roser told Pop & Hiss. "I thought that a musical in his [honor] would be a lot of fun to put on. I really just meant the show to be something fun for my friends to see. I'm pretty excited by all the attention it's been getting."

Now this is where it gets interesting: According to the production notes, Roser will portray Yeezy, while Higginbotham will play the rapper's late mother Dr. Donda West, designer Marc Jacobs, and, wait for it, a "Spooky Dracula." WTF?

The play will take place at the university’s Cellar Theatre during its annual Verge Festival from Sept. 5 through 7. Tickets cost $3 to $6 Australian dollars, which is much less than West and Jay-Z's ballyhooed 'Watch the Throne' album.

Hopefully, someone will record the musical and post a video on YouTube because we would love to see what these guys are planning to do. These Aussie folks have a weird sense of humor, and we can't wait to see this!