Justin Bieber and his bodyguards are accused of being way too aggressive yet again. Who did they allegedly rough up this time? A surfer in Australia!

TMZ reports that Aussie beachgoer Kes Weartherm dared snap a cell phone photo of the 'Beauty and a Beat' singer when he was surfing in Byron Bay yesterday (November 27), and that didn't sit well with Biebs' security detail.

Weartherm took a pic of Bieber attempting to get up on his surfboard -- not a big deal, right? (It's not like there were strippers or weed around for the excursion!) He didn't think so either, until one of Biebs' guards chased him down and demanded he erase the snap.

Weartherm refused and says a lot of locals came to back him up, so the bodyguard eventually backed down and returned his phone.

Here's where the story gets sort of dumb: Paparazzi were on hand to shoot pics of Bieber surfing, and no one gave them any issues -- and Biebs posted the photo above of himself wiping out!