"There's something in the air..."

Chicago music trio Autograf capture the fleeting magic that comes with chance encounters on their latest dance floor throbber, "You Might Be."

Featuring vocalist and former Voice contestant Lils (Lily Elise), the multi-talented Chicago music trio sonically recreate the sweet sensation of meeting someone who will become precious to you for the first time—particularly a lover—thanks to a concoction of lightly humid trop beats, hypnotic melodies and a twinkling, chilled-out bassline.

Lils' soulful, hazy vocals add an earnest, emotive touch to the otherwise big electronic song, anchoring the track with a sense of wistful dreaminess—coincidentally, the exact way you feel when stumbling upon your soulmate.

"'You Might Be' is about powerful impressions—that feeling in your spine when you meet someone and know that they will without a doubt change your life for better or worse," Autograf tells us.

Listen below:

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