There is life after Aventura… twice as much, in fact. But despite the fact that the members have moved on, they remain forever connected.

Henry Santos, former member of bachata group Aventura, is working on his second solo album and even recorded a song written by one of his bandmates.

He plans to return to familiar territory with this effort and further explore his bachata roots. His solo debut 'Introducing Henry Santos' stepped away from that sound. Now, he's revisiting it.

Santos will release his new single 'My Way,' which was penned by his Aventura bandmate Lenny Santos (no relation) in January.

So far, Santos has gathered six songs for the album that range from bachata to bachata with tango, eletronic-merengue, dance and more. From the sound of it, it's going to be quite an electic platter from Santos.

“I also add all the experience of ‘Mira Quien Baila,’ where I grew as a person, and I grew even as a composer because every time you bathe yourself in positive things, you grow,” Santos said, referring to the dancing reality show (the title translates to 'Look Who's Dancing'), on which he competed and won.

Santos plans to take everything that he learned on the show and incorporate it into his performances, namely the art of dance.

Watch Henry Santos 'Poquito a Poquito'