Avicii gets paid $250,000 a night for his services, and the EDM superstar acknowledges that what he does isn't exactly splitting the atom.

In his GQ profile, he draws the line between musicians and DJs, saying, "You’re not performing like a guitar player or a singer is performing, you know what I mean? So it’s weird to be in the same type setup as one of those. ’Cause I’m not really doing much, you know -- like, technically, it’s not that hard."

It might not be hard, but he does it well and he loves it, which is important. "I love DJing, I do," Avicii, born Tim Bergling, said. "I love everything that comes with it; it’s fun and it’s kind of glamorous. It’s just like when it’s right in the moment and you have that stupid bright light on you. It feels so awkward.”

Awkward or not, he also shared some of his trade secrets. He's never taken ecstasy, the drug du jour of the dance scene, even though he'd like to. He just doesn't want to do something that makes him lose control and since he doesn't dance, he's not ready to take the plunge and take the drug ... yet.

Also, he's all about volume when it comes to twiddling the knobs. “Yeah, it’s mostly volume," he said. "Or the faders, when you’re starting to mix into another song, you can hear both in your headphones, you get it to where you want and you pull up the fader."

Turns out Avicii also has a stalker ... and her name is Paris Hilton, a wannabe DJ herself. She shows up at his shows so much so that his bodyman Felix Alfonso dubbed the heiress a "stalker." Forget E: P. Hilt is the real occupational hazard of being a superstar DJ.

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