Avicii officially has another hit on his hands with his 2013 single 'Wake Me Up.' If you couldn't already tell that from the song itself, then maybe our last round of Battle of the Beats will prove it to you! Avicii overtook David Guetta's summer single 'Play Hard,' gaining the most fan votes to move on to another round of competition. He's only two wins away from Hall of Fame status, too!

So, who will Avicii battle this week? The Swedish beat maker will take American DJ Kaskade, as Avicii's 'Wake Me Up' goes head-to-head with the latter's latest single 'Atmosphere.'

On 'Wake Me Up,' Avicii weaves together seamlessly a variety of genres to create one of the most intriguing tracks we've heard this year. Aloe Blacc lends his beautiful voice to sing over the hybrid of beats, which range in sound from twangy country to heavy house. Anyone can relate to the lyrics, but they really speak to young adults like Avicii, with verses like: "They tell me I'm too young to understand / They say I'm caught up in a dream / Life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes / Well that's fine by me."

Unlike Avicii, Kaskade handles the vocals on his 2013 single 'Atmosphere,' another glimmering house track from the man born as Ryan Raddon. The track actually starts off with delicate keys, but other layers begin to trickle in as the chorus coasts along, eventually leading to a lush breakdown of gleaming synths. The build-up is perfect, and Kaskade's voice has a soothing tone as he sings, "All my life I've been a star / Holding a light up in the dark / While I try to keep clear / Of all the waves in your atmosphere."

Which track appeals to your taste more? Vote for Avicii's 'Wake Me Up' or Kaskade's 'Atmosphere' below. The poll will close on July 11 at 3PM EST, and you can vote up to once per until then.

Listen to Avicii, 'Wake Me Up' Feat. Aloe Blacc

Watch the Kaskade 'Atmosphere' Video

Rules for Battle of the Beats: The artist and song with the most votes wins, and the winner goes on to face a different challenger the following week. If an artist wins four weeks in a row, they will be retired into the Battle of the Beats Hall of Fame in order to give others a chance to compete.