Avicii has one of the most symbiotic relationships with fans out of any EDM artist -- or any artist ever -- on the globe. Case in point? The Swedish-born DJ enlisted over 4,000 fans and budding EDM artists for his new single, 'X-You.'

Dubbed "the world's largest musical collaboration," 'X-You' combines 4,199 artists from 140 countries for a total contribution of 12,932 different sound submissions.

The project began on Jan. 9, 2013 and submissions closed on Feb. 26. Avicii compiled the melody in Stockholm, Sweden with collaborator Kian Sang, then the bassline in Paris with Naxsy. He worked on the rhythm and beat with Martin Kupilas in Leeds, U.K., then the break with Bahr Xakcn in the Ukraine, later adding effects with a few more collaborators.

The song is an eclectic, catchy, seamless mix of every sound he received and a true labor of love -- and of charity. Proceeds from the track go to Avicii's pet cause, House For Hunger, which he co-founded to battle global hunger. You can purchase the track and see the full list of contributors here.