Swedish DJ Avicii is having a moment with his smash hit 'Wake Me Up,' which oddly mixed EDM with folk. It was an strange pairing when we first heard it, but it grew on us and apparently, on the rest of the world, since the track took off like a rocket at radio.

His new single 'You Make Me' is out and launching overseas, so it's only a matter of time before it commandeers U.S. radio once 'Wake Me Up' goes recurrent.

Like 'Wake Me Up,' 'You Make Me' isn't paint-by-numbers, standard issue EDM. Avicii's brilliance lies in his ability to pull from other genres to create something totally unique, all the while still retaining club banger essence. That's exactly what he does with 'You Make Me.' He makes it new.

'You Make Me' leans on alt and indie rock with some of its conventions, including the falsetto vocal "All of my life / I've been looking for someone like you." That's a hook and it reels you in.

For the track, Avicii recruited a familiar cohort -- Salem Al Fakir, who lent his voice to 'Silhouettes.'

The beats and synths aren't overbearing or overly pulsating in the "untz untz untz" style. They are smooth and woven into the mix to enhance the song, rather than to lead it. You can still dance to Avicii's music, but it doesn't instantly transport you to a packed club dancefloor. Therefore, it opens the EDM genre up to a whole other world of listeners. It may not be his intention, but Avicii is crafting EDM for soccer moms and more.

Ultimately, 'You Make Me' is instantly and easily listenable EDM.

The song appears on 'True,' out Sept. 17.

Listen to Avicii, 'You Make Me'