Canadian pop/punk princess Avril Lavigne strapped on a guitar to perform her sassy single 'What the Hell' on the 2011 MuchMusic Awards tonight. Lavigne is beloved in her native country, as evidenced by the young girls in the crowd jumping up and down and singing the lyrics back to her.

However, that didn't stop the singer from dropping the "F" bomb during her live performance. No wonder the producers posted a disclaimer earlier in the show acknowledging that this is live TV and that anything can happen, including things being said or done that might offend people! It is worth mentioning that Lavigne did deliver an obscenity-laden rant at a baseball game earlier this month, so perhaps she is a little aggro right now and feels the need to spew cuss words? Who knows!

The lyrics to 'What the Hell' do nod to being a "little crazy" every once in a while, so this was probably another moment for Av's to be just that and to let loose and have fun without caring. We're sure she'll hear about it tomorrow.

Verbal gaffe aside, because using the "f" word during a live TV performance is a taboo and a gaffe, Lavigne was in total rock star mode, with her leather leggings, intense smoky eyes and jewel-encrusted microphone and mic stand. We must admit that we loved seeing her handle that guitar. She has often been criticized as a faux punk and labeled a pop star trying to pull off the punk rock vibe, but tonight, she was rocked it. We hope she keeps on picking up a guitar when she performs.

Watch Avril Lavigne Perform 'What the Hell' at the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards