Avril Lavigne was resting comfortably atop a piano during a recent show in Brazil when she was faced with a possible attack from a fan.

"I want to play you guys a special song tonight, because we love Brazil!," Lavigne told the crowd during a break between songs. As the beginning notes of Lavigne's cover of Coldplay's 'Fix You' began playing, the singer let out a scream when she turned to find a fan rushing in her direction. It was unclear whether the intruder had evil intentions or merely wanted a hug, but security wasn't taking any chances. The uninvited guest was quickly grabbed and escorted away.

After the dust settled, Lavigne laughed. She said, "Just getting in the moment there. Alright, let's try that again," and resumed singing the Coldplay track.

Avril will be performing on Sunday's Teen Choice Awards. In September, she resumes her world tour with shows in Russia, Italy and France. She also has a clothing line to promote and teenage singers to mentor, so it looks like a busy fall for the eight-time Grammy nominee.

Watch Footage of the Intruder During Avril Lavigne's Concert