Avril Lavigne's sleek, stick straight, shiny locks are her crowning glory. But for some reason, she either dyed her bangs black or added clip-on fringe, a stark and not exactly complimentary contrast to her golden hue.

Even someone as punk rock and edgy as the Canadian singer can commit a hair faux pas and that's just what Av did here.

While she is often cloaked in black, hoodies and sneakers, her curtain of hair was always femme and beautiful. When she was snapped in aviator sunglasses, black leather leggings and a hoodie, she looked like typical, punk princess Avril, but those bangs? Av, head back to your colorist or yank 'em out, stat.

The ombre, two-toned look is all the rage right now in the follicle world, where ends are darker than the roots or vice versa. But this "twist" on that trend isn't flattering. Avril can achieve an ombre look with highlights, but keep the bangs one color, girl!

You know, Lady Gaga once dyed her super short bangs black, but it meshed with her darker roots and coarse texture, so it wasn't such a jarring look.