Here's one Top 10 that Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry and Britney Spears probably wish they didn't make: The Most Dangerous Celebrities list -- most dangerous for your computer, that is!

Internet security company McAfee today (Sept. 19) released its 2013 list of celebrities most likely to give you a virus -- meaning computer spam, adware, malware or spyware. Actress Lily Collins tops this year's tally, with McAfee stating that people have a 14.5 percent chance of infecting their computers during and Internet search for her photos and downloads.

Collins is joined in the Top 10 by stars of screen and stage, including pop singers Avril (No. 2) Katy (No. 6) and Britney (No. 7). The tally is composed almost entirely of female celebs, with only one guy making it. Is it a teen heartthrob like Harry Styles? Or Justin Bieber? No, it's Jon Hamm, Don Draper of 'Mad Men' fame.

McAfee releases the list once a year to warn Internet users to be careful. "Be extra cautious when searching on hot topics, which often lead to fake and malicious sites created by cybercriminals," the company states.