Avril Lavigne has always had a style all her own. In these pictures, travel through the years with the songstress as she switches between sweet and sassy dresses, to straight-up punk gear. Lavigne is a fashion chameleon, as she can rock a long, floor-length gown at high-class on the red carpet at awards shows, and switch into skater-esque gear for a performance that same night.

The 'What the Hell' singer always dresses to match her attitude. Sometimes, Lavigne feels classy, like when she wore a short, black cocktail dress to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. At other times, she likes to channel her inner fun-loving, punk-rock princess, like the time she attended her Abbey Dawn fashion show in 2011 and rocked American flag pants, leopard print booties and a tiara.

Scroll through these Avril Lavigne pictures and see how her style has evolved over the years. The most current photos of the pop singer are in the beginning, and her early fashion 'Sk8r Boi' days are more towards the back of the gallery. Which style do you like best on Avril? Let us know in the comment section below!