Hey, we've got a memo for you. Avril Lavigne is never (like, ever) growing up, at least when it comes to her two most recent singles.

'Here's to Never Growing Up' didn't mask its carpe diem intentions and celebration of being footloose and fancy-free. Its successor 'Rock N Roll' follows similar suit.

With her twisted, Joni Mitchell-meets-Alanis-Morissette diction -- the perfect example is when she sings about "turning up the radio" in overly enunciated form in the chorus -- Av promises she'll never cover up her tattoo; reveals that she prefers her jeans ripped; and declares that she will keep giving the middle finger.

The song is standard issue Avril Lavigne. That is, it's rebellious rock lite, with lots of sass, pop punk melodies and singalong parts. However, there's a totally rocking' solo dropped in the bridge, which gives this song a tougher timbre. It's also percussive with lots of hand claps and beats. It even sounds like Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo assisted in writing this song, since the underlying melody and percussion remind us his band's smash 'Beverly Hills.'

Overall, 'Rock N Roll' is as anthemic as it is formulaic, but this mother freakin' princess (and newlywed) reminds you to cling to your youth. Lavigniacs will love it. But it shouldn't bring any new fans to the table.

Listen to Avril Lavigne, 'Rock N Roll'