Avril Lavigne comes across as an edgy type with a no-holds-barred attitude and an inborn ability to punk up a crowd, but in a new interview with AOL, the Canadian songstress reveals that the opposite is true: She's shy!

"I'm a quiet, more shy, introverted person but I also have a side to me. You see it in my music. I have ballads. I have deeper, more emotional songs, but then I have pop songs that are very light, poking fun at boys and stuff like that," Lavigne admits. "You see that that is who I am and that is a very large part of my live show. It's diverse. I go out and get the crowd going and fist-pumping and rocking out on the guitar and I'm jumping around, running around having a good time but I also really enjoy just sitting down at the piano and performing in the most raw, vulnerable form."

While we're not totally convinced that Lavigne is as reserved as she claims, she says she had to teach herself how to have a strong stage presence that would match her wacky hair colors and out-there outfits. "As a performer, being on stage over the years, because I'm a very shy person and not that talkative, I really had to learn how to be a real performer," the 'Complicated' hitmaker reveals.

"And my job to go on stage is not only to just enjoy myself, enjoy the songs, and to sing because that is what I love, my responsibility is to make sure that every single person out there in the audience has the best time. It's really important for me to always be in a really great headspace because when it's something so repetitive and you're on a long tour, I want to make the best of it and enjoy myself because even though it's work, you have to love it. So to go out there and to make everyone have an amazing time -- and to have a really great time myself -- is key."

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