Avril Lavigne puts her own spin on the traditional love song with 'Smile,' a track from her current album 'Goodbye Lullaby.'

Lavigne wrote the song with its producers, pop wizards Max Martin and Shellback. 'Smile' pays tribute to the special someone who was able to win her heart and put a grin on her face.

This being an Avril song, it's far from sappy. "You know that I'm a crazy b----," the 26-year-old begins.

Backed up by a punchy drum rhythm and electric guitars, Lavigne offers even more reasons why most normal guys would run in the other direction, then praises her guy for sticking around:

"And that’s why I smile / It’s been awhile / Since everyday and everything has felt this right / And now you turn it all around / And suddenly you’re all I need / The reason why I smile."

'Smile' is yet another catchy pop song from Lavigne, who's been scoring hits for nearly a decade now, far longer than most would have predicted when she hit the scene as a spunky teen with songs like 'Complicated' and 'Sk8er Boi.'

'Smile' is the second single from Lavigne's latest album 'Goodbye Lullaby." It's worthy of reaching the Top 20, like its predecessor, 'What the Hell.'

Rating: 9/10

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