Simon Cowell said a few weeks ago that 'X Factor' doesn't need an A-list panel. Now we know at least one another name scratched off the list to make that true: Avril Lavigne has shot down rumors that she'd be on the somewhat struggling singing competition show.


"I'm making a record. I want to make movies," she told PEOPLE. "No, it's not happening." So what does Lavigne think of all the talk? She didn't mind! "It's flattering. It's a great show."

Who does Cowell want to have on his panel? "You'll have to wait and see," Cowell said. He quipped that a "very famous singer"(Britney Spears, likely) is a potential judge, but remained vague. "I can't confirm or deny anything right now," he said. "The truth is, we are talking to a number of people. It changes on a daily basis to be honest with you."

So what's Lavigne keeping busy with besides her music and movies? Her grown up style! "I'm 27. I'm getting old," Lavigne told PEOPLE (quotes via the Telegraph). As a result, her clothing line is appealing to more mature fashionistas than before. "[It is] a little more geared toward an older age group. It's feminine, it's sexy, it's flattering, it's black, it's rock 'n' roll."