Azealia Banks did not become the first human ever to win a dispute with club security, despite her (violent) efforts. TMZ has shared a video that appears to show the rapper trying to pull a venue's fire alarm, and then scrapping with two security guards along with several other people.

The conflict reportedly arose at L.A. club Break Room 36 in late October, when TMZ says Banks "became unruly" and bouncers told her to leave. The events that follow were captured in low-res security footage: She appears to be reaching up to fiddle with a switch by a door, and when security touches her — to expedite her exit — she puts both hands on a box on the wall. That's when things escalate into a swirl of tussling bodies, mostly male, in the club hallway. A second security guard intervenes and Azealia (or someone who strongly resembles her) attacks him from behind. According to TMZ, the LAPD has opened a criminal battery investigation. You can watch that footage below.

The event comes just months after Banks was filmed calling a Delta flight attendant a "f---cking f---got" after allegedly spitting on and punching a male French passenger who she claimed attacked her (the video, also posted by TMZ, shows her yelling "GIVE ME MY BAG" repeatedly before explaining her version of events to airplane staff). Depending on your feelings on Banks at this point, she's either a constantly-beleaguered talent who just can't catch a break, or a self-sabotaging, emotionally unstable person who verbally and physically abuses service-industry employees who are just trying to do their jobs.

In another bit of bad luck (or a situation entirely of her own making! totally up to you to decide!), The Broke With Expensive Taste rapper has cancelled the rest of her tour. "Hi guys, I'm very busy at work," she tweeted on November 9. "Your coins will be refunded and I will be back in January. NYC, I'll see u on the 19th." Banks plays New York City's Terminal 5 on November 19.


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