Producer-turned-singer B. Howard shows his girl a magical world in the brand-new video for his single, 'Dancefloor.'

The Chicago native has elicited comparisons to Michael Jackson, and his new video only supports the similarities between the two artists. Not only does Howard sing and dance like the King of Pop, but he speaks like him, too.

The clip begins with Howard and a girl driving to an undisclosed location. The girl is understandably incredulous, to which the R&B singer responds, "Don't you trust me?"

After leading her through refuse-filled alleys, the couple finally arrive at an abandoned warehouse. The girl is none too amused. However, once they walk inside, the site magically turns into a lively club powered by Howard's moves and music.

Howard has made a name for himself producing and penning hits for the likes of Ne-Yo, Missy Elliott, Trey Songz and Lupe Fiasco. He has taken Japan by storm with his latest release, and is ready to tackle America with his R&B sensibilities.

'Dancefloor' is featured on the international star's new album, 'Genesis,' which includes his upbeat single 'Super Model' and the ballad 'Crush.'

Watch the B. Howard 'Dancefloor' Video