In celebration of his 24th birthday, B.o.B gave his fans a present: his new mixtape 'F--- 'Em We Ball.' The 18-song collection brings the Atlanta rhyme-spitter back to spitting bars on hard-edged street tracks.

The songs are a slight departure from his feel-good pop tunes he's known for like 'So Good' and 'Both of Us' from his latest album 'Strange Clouds.' For Bobby Ray, this is his return to the original sound that made him hot in the ATL before his commercial success.

"This mixtape for me is like re-calibration for me, I’m like re-calibrating everything. I’m back ... it's like back in the day when I was doing mixtapes man, back to that mode," he tells "I’m getting back to that mode for people that didn't get to see the rawness in that. Not like raw like vulgar, but it's raw -- just like, uncensored and free.”

'F--- 'Em We Ball' features guest appearance from fellow rappers T.I., Juicy J, Snoop Lion, Playboy Tre, Mac Miller and Iggy Azalea. Among the producers crafting beats on the mixtape include Mike Will Made It, Sonny Digital, Jamieson Jones, the Featherstones and B.o.B himself.

If you're looking for braggadocios rhymes and trunk-rattling beats, B.o.B's 'F--- 'Em We Ball' mixtape is right up your alley. So far, the collection has notched over 100,000 downloads and counting. Bobby Ray is ballin' out of control.

1. Obama Speaks - 'F---emweball'
P.O.T.U.S. comes through to give B.o.B a ringing endorsement and raps a quick freestyle. What, you didn't know Bam-Bam can spit? Don't get too excited, though, it's not really President Obama -- it's an impersonator.

2. 'Campaign' (Feat. Playboy Tre)
Over marching drums and computer blips, Bobby Ray says he's on his presidential s--- and he's inviting everyone to join his campaign. His running mate, Atlanta rapper Playboy Tre, is backing up him on the campaign trail. B.o.B for president in 2016?

3. 'Dynomite'
An explosive banger in which B.o.B. spits braggadocios rhymes over stirring productions. "Back up in this b---- / It's the black Benjamin Franklin / Yeah they are hating / I don't give a f--- quite frankly / Yeah, I'm super sick / Please send me a tissue, thank ya," he raps.

4. 'Still In This B----' (Feat. Juicy J & T.I.)
Rappers B.o.B, Juicy J and T.I. are in the zone with this street banger produced by Mike Will Made It. The rap trifecta relay boastful rhymes to remind naysayers that they are going to ball til they fall, and that's not going to happen anytime soon. [Listen Here]

5. Curtis Snow Speaks (Interlude)
Atlanta stick-up artist Curtis Snow, who garnered critical praise for his too-real 'hood documentary 'Snow on tha Bluff,' gives B.o.B his gun-clapping endorsement.

6. 'F--- Em We Ball' (Feat. Spodee)
Produced by the Featherstones, the Atlanta rhyme-slinger goes lyrically berserk on the anthemic track. "Man I go so dumb I should get a check for disability / I'm a f---ing lunatic you a liability / Don't know who you dealing with / Balling like I'm dribbling / Diabolic dialog / Flossing like some dental mint," B.o.B spits.

7. 'Be There'
Bobby Ray is in player mode as he tells his female lover that no matter how hectic life gets he will always be there for her. It's one of the softer moments on the mixtape.

8. 'Everythang'
Co-produced by B.o.B., the Atlanta rapper spits crazy punchlines and vows to never let money and fame come before family. "Rolex on my wrist / But ain't much time on hands / That Lambo shut 'em up / Call it silence of the lambs," he raps.

9. 'Alright'
Bobby Ray is back on his braggadocio s---. Here's one zinger: "I'm living life like a highlight / Your life is like a blooper."

10. Playboy Tre Skit
A silly skit from Playboy Tre who is a fellow member of B.o.B's rap posse HamSquad.

11. 'When You Gon Let Me'
B.o.B is in player mode again as he tries to romanticize a potential mate with his smooth come-ons. "Don't get me confuse with them other dudes / Yeah, they talk a good game, but they don't live up to hype," he raps.

12. 'Best Friend' (Feat. Iggy Azalea & Mac Miller)
Co-produced by Jamieson Jones, the twerking banger is already a viral hit on the Internet. On the track, B.o.B, Iggy and the Mac-ster spit rhymes about various freaky girls they have encountered. Bobby raps about the groupies, Iggy takes on the "freak b----es" and Mac handles the foreign chicks he hooks up with that are "European, Korean and vegan."

13. 'Greedy Love'
Produced by Sonny Digital, this is a standout track on the 'FEWB' mixtape. On the rap ballad, B.o.B has an insatiable appetite for his female lover's sex appeal. "Baby, it's your night / I can't get enough / I can eat you up / That's greedy love," Bobby rap-sings on the chorus. Bon appétit!

14. 'So Blowed' (Feat. Snoop Lion)
This is Bobby Ray's trippy ode to smoking weed, and who better to blow trees with than the king stoner himself, Snoop Lion. "Finally, minor league / Now I'm living major / Setting off smoke alarms / Like a sky pager / Ali and Frazier / Smoke rings appear / The king is here," he roars.

15. 'Spend It'
This is a catchy melodic pop-rap joint with B.o.B bragging about spending money and balling out of control. "Time is money and I'm's ready to spend it all," he says.

16. Kevin Hart Speaks
Funnyman Kevin Hart makes a humorous skit about trying to get a drop on his mixtape.

17. 'Roll One Up'
Produced by B.o.B, the song features a phenomenal beat with strumming guitars and melodic keyboard flutters. The Atlanta rapper gets introspective about his life and the world around him. He offers this revelation: "We're born into the world / Living our lives out / Making enough bread to barely support our lifestyle / That's crazy ain't it? / Uncle Sam sure is shady, ain't he? / They say it ain't all black and white / But it ain't one shade of grey that's painted / It's complicated."

18. 'Hell of A Night'
The 'Strange Clouds' rapper ends the mixtape with a raucous jam spitting boastful rhymes about why he's the best and "doesn't have any stress." "When it comes to kush / I got the best / If money talk s--- / Then I got Tourette's / Billionaire swag is what I possess," he raps.