B.o.B puts a modern spin on the Frank Sinatra classic 'New York, New York' on a remake featured in the trailer for the 'Crysis 2' video game.

B.o.B's version is definitely not a feel-good song. With references to crumbling towers, destruction and being under attack, the Grammy-nominated rapper's new lyrics fit the theme of 'Crysis 2,' a disaster game set in New York City in 2023 after aliens have taken over the city.

"This is the finish, my friend, this is the end," B.o.B raps. "There's no need to move or adjust your television / Whenever an era dies, another era begins."

B.o.B.'s 'New York, New York' doesn't actually appear on the 'Crysis 2' soundtrack, which was released today on iTunes. The album features music from various composers, including Academy Award-winner Hans Zimmer.

Liza Minnelli recorded the original version of 'New York, New York' in 1977, though Sinatra made it a hit, earning the final Top 40 single of his career with it in 1980.

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