B.o.B hangs out in a rooftop swimming pool overlooking the city with a drink in his hand and two ladies on his arm in the new 'High Life' video filmed during his trip to Asia.

"Right now you're looking at Singapore," the rapper says to introduce the clip. "Breathtaking ... there's nothing to say." He finds the words, though, and continues: "This is one of the most amazing views you'll probably see in your lifetime. And you probably won't get here, but thanks to me and Motion Family, you're able to see it firsthand." Gee, we agree that we'll probably never find ourselves in that pool, but does he really have to say it to our faces?

The bouncy, Aristocrats-produced track kicks in as B.o.B begins his unapologetic rap about his place in the world of hip-hop and pop music: "You think you flyin', but you really fallin' / You just ain't hit the concrete yet, n---- you stallin' / They says pop means being popular to the population / So excuse me for being the topic of your conversation."

The visuals don't change much throughout the video. B.o.B does leave the pool for a few ground-level shots in which the city skyline appears behind him and a couple of poolside shots showing off the extravagant meals he's eating.

'High Life' could appear on B.o.B's next mixtape. Singing about success has been a common theme lately for the rapper, who also appeared on OneRepublic's Top 10 single 'Good Life.'

Watch the B.o.B 'High Life' Video