B.o.B recently skipped out on a $1,060 bar tab after a concert at Cornell University. Now, after receiving lots of bad press over the incident, the rapper's manager is looking to right the wrong by paying the hefty bill at Level B bar in Ithaca, N.Y.

B.o.B's manager Brian Richardson stepped in, saying that he doesn't want to have any hard feelings within the Cornell community. "I just want to make it right by Level B, and I want the people of Cornell to know that we’re a class act," Richardson said (via W.E.N.N).

According to Level B owner Brad Weiss, B.o.B and his posse of more than a dozen people ordered three bottle of $300 Grey Goose vodka to their VIP section in the bar post-concert. After they were done partying, the rapper and his entourage exited the bar without even thinking twice about a bill.

Anthony Vipond, an employee at the bar, spoke to the press about the unpaid bar tab, explaining that B.o.B's manager said, "We’re doing you a favor for not charging you … When we go to clubs, we get paid to come," to which Vipond replied, "This is Ithaca, this is a different town. Things get handled a little differently here."

Even though Weiss wasn't going to press charges to begin with, he is very happy that B.o.B's camp decided to do the right thing by paying the bill. "They were really apologetic. High marks to these guys … [They] seemed very concerned about all the bad publicity," Weiss said.