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vitaminwater® was on a mission to prove that brilliant things can happen in less-than-ideal places -- and so they set off to Boring, Ore. to verify their quest.

In the above video, Fuse anchor Yasmine Richard gives a recap of the sort of "activities" vitaminwater® instilled on this small town, like adding adding pyrotechnics to their mundane flag-raising ceremony, turning their local diner into a 5-star restaurant, and even letting a dinosaur loose in town.

The best part, however, was the concert they put on (which we shared with you in full detail last month), headlined by B.o.BMatt & KimSantigold, and Yung Skeeter. B.o.B. jumped around the stage performing singles like ‘Ray Bands,’ ‘Airplanes’ and ‘So Good,' while Santigold was accompanied by her suave backup singers, who both pranced around her with gold pom poms and lassos. Indie duo Matt & Kim decorated their set with balloons, but not before Kim did her standard crowd-surfing segment.

Check out the recap video above, and make sure to pay a visit to Boring next time you make a trip to Portland. It won't disappoint.

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