B.o.B fires back at a perceived diss from Odd Future member Tyler the Creator on a new song called 'No Future.'

Tyler released the track 'Yonkers' last month, in which he promised to crash the airplane B.o.B is in and stab Bruno Mars in the esophagus, clear references to B.o.B's massive hit collaborations -- 'Airplanes' with Hayley Williams and 'Nothin' on You' with Mars.

B.o.B didn't take kindly to the verbal assault, and 'No Future' finds the normally mild-mannered rapper on the attack: "Walk up on my field, you will get carried off it / We gon' need a body bag and we gon' need a coffin / Who am I battlin'? / I ain't even exhausted."

He continues: "I'm way too high for you to look at / The future ain't lookin' promising for these rookies / This is target practice, but I don't even pull the f---ing trigger anymore cause it's just a waste of bullets."

In response, Tyler tweeted that he was impressed by B.o.B's answer, writing, "Whoa. I don't think the 'No Future' song is even a diss. But, I've never heard him spit like that. Took me by surprise, cus it's tight."

But Tyler did get in one more dig: "Still hate that 'Airplanes' song tho. It has the same chord progression as f---ing 'Love The Way You Lie' and that one song by Katy Perry."

Listen to B.o.B, 'No Future'