B.o.B is on the brink of dropping his second studio album 'Strange Clouds,' slated for release on May 1. The rapper has already released two singles ('Strange Clouds' and 'Play the Guitar'), and now he's getting fans even more pumped for his new batch of tracks with his third single 'So Good.'

Unlike his past two singles, which found B.o.B collaborating with fellow rappers Lil Wayne and Andre 3000, Bobby Ray is going solo on 'So Good.' Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic produced the track, which is a feel-good song with a lighthearted, piano-driven beat. While 'Strange Clouds' had a harder, dubstep-inspired hip-hop beat, and 'Play the Guitar' is a faster-paced rap jam, 'So Good' actually has a lot of pop appeal. The track is more reminiscent of crossover, radio friendly songs B.o.B has released in the past, such as the massive hit 'Airplaines' and the uptempo, danceable track 'Magic.'

B.o.B has been showing a lot of growth with 'Strange Clouds' thus far, and 'So Good' is no exception. On the effervescent track, the rapper gushes about the amazing girl he fell in love and all of the places and sites that he wants to see with her. On the second verse, Bobby Ray raps, "Swagger like Caeser, I’ll get you a visa / We can go to Italy, and maybe see the Colosseum / I'll be Da Vinci if you’ll be my Mona Lisa / So smile, and pack your bags real good baby / Cause you’ll be gone for a while."

On the chorus, B.o.B also exercises his singing skills: "Girl tell me how you feel / What your fantasy / I see us on a beach down in Mexico / You can put your feet up / Be my senorita." As if the song wasn't catchy enough, B.o.B adds in a soaring hook of "la la la's" to get all of his fans shouting along with him over the upbeat, breezy beat. Overall, we think B.o.B has another big hit on his hands with 'So Good,' as it has the ability to catch the ear of pop, R&B, and hip-hop fans alike.

Listen to B.o.B, 'So Good'