If you thought B.o.B was just a pop artist who rhymes about airplanes and sings love songs with Bruno Mars -- think again. In his latest video for 'Epic,' the Atlanta wordsmith along with Playboy Tre and Meek Mill get in the ring to duke it out with wack emcees.

The Motion Family-directed clip features the trio in a boxing ring spitting braggadocios rhymes at their opponents. Bobby Ray throws a couple of hard-hitting lines like, "I’m the s--- so fix the plumbin' / I'ma beast in this game, I'm munching / And if this ain’t what you call hip-hop, then it must be bungee jumping."

Rappers Playboy Tre and Meek Mill also throw a couple of lyrical knockout blows as they challenge all newcomers to step in the ring. B.o.B has been on a hardcore tear as of late. First he dropped the Lil Wayne-featured 'Strange Clouds,' which is a huge departure from his normal radio-friendly sound and now this street banger.

Is B.o.B abandoning his pop sound for hard-edge content? Either way, it looks like B.o.B is warming up to knock out the competition with his upcoming second LP 'Strange Clouds,' which is expected to hit stores in March 2012.

Watch the B.o.B 'Epic' Video Featuring Playboy Tre and Meek Mill