In a relatively short time, B.o.B has collaborated with the best of the best. The Atlanta rhyme-spitter has created chart-topping hits with Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Lil Wayne, Jessie J and many others. And now, B.o.B has given fans a sneak peek on his latest collaborative effort with fellow A-towner Waka Flocka Flame.

During an early-morning Ustream session, Bobby Ray and Waka Flocka were hard at work in the studio on a new track that's destined to rattle your car speakers. The duo were bopping their heads and fist-pumping to the rough instrumental that consists of booming beat and catchy synthesizers. Of course, the song wasn't complete unless there's some guitar riffs on it. B.o.B summoned his in-studio guitarist and he began strumming a couple of hard rock chords over the track. “I’m up in the studio with Waka, Brick Squad, East side," he told his viewing audience. "We just working on some new s---, man. Grand Hustle’s in the building, ya’ll."

It's also good to see that Flocka is in good spirits since the untimely death of his good friend Slim Dunkin. The 'Hard in the Paint' rapper was dancing and fist-pumping in front of the camera for the Ustream fans. He later showed what sparks his creative energy in the studio -- a can of Red Bull and that California green bud.

The video is an hour and half long so we didn't have time to watch the entire thing. From what we've seen and heard, the "untitled" song is going to be a monstrous track for the clubs and the streets.

B.o.B announced on his Twitter that his new album 'Strange Clouds' will float into stores on March 13. His latest single 'Play the Guitar' (featuring Andre 3000) is generating anticipation for the collection.

In the meantime, grab a sandwich and enjoy the video.

Watch the 'B.o.B Live (In the Studio)' Ustream Video