See those large letters tattooed vertically down Nick Carter's spine? While the Backstreet Boy has a few less-than-stellar tattoos, this one reading "KAOS" is by far his most cringe-worthy.

Carter's style continues to evolve with the times, but once he takes his shirt off, it's clear that he is a complete product of the late '90s. Barbed wire around his bicep? Um, DUH. A scary shark swimming up his arm? OF COURSE. But the most hilarious of all is "KAOS," apparently Mr. Carter's nickname... Maybe because he likes to stir up trouble? Whatever the reason, it's a bad nickname and an even worse tattoo.

Now, don't get us wrong -- like the BSB song says, we don't care who he is or where he's from, we'll always love Nick. We just wish he would've given the permanent body artwork some more thought.