Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is ready for a new beginning with 'I'm Taking Off,' his new solo album which landed last week. The new album arrives nine years after 'Now or Never,' the 31-year-old singer's last effort.

During a chat with the Toronto Sun, Carter addressed the chasm between his solo albums, saying, "There's always a chance for anything to happen. And I'm one of those people who, if something jumps out and I feel it, I'm going to do it. And I can't really predict when that moment will be. But I did feel more confident in everything that I have learned."

He took the learning process seriously, saying, "After 'Now or Never,' I went back to school in a sense. I used the Backstreet Boys, and all the albums we had made, and all the producers we had met, and all the business I had learned. I was able to apply it to this."

Speaking of BSB, the band which made him a household name, Carter said that they are taking a month off. He'll promote 'I'm Taking Off' and then in October, the group will commence work on a new BSB album. "We want to go to Europe with New Kids for more touring. And we wanna do more records with them. We've got a lot of stuff happening," Carter said.

In December, BSB will hit the high seas with some of their diehard fans for the cruise, which he says is a grand time time for all involved. "It sounds very claustrophobic if you were in my shoes," Carter joked. "But honestly, it is so much fun. The people get an experience. We perform two shows and we do all these events -- game shows and stuff -- and just hang with them. You'll never get that close to us anywhere else. And we get to cruise through the Caribbean."