Once again, the Backstreet Boys and their video for 'Show 'Em' have nabbed the No. 1 slot on the PopCrush Top 10 Video Countdown. They snatched the crown from Scotty McCreery and his dominant 'See You Tonight' clip last week. BSB are holding on and not letting go.

The top three videos have not changed, as One Direction's 'Story of My Life' remains parked in the No. 3 slot. The boys notched a No. 1 record on the Billboard Top 200 this week. Will a PopCrush Top 10 Video Countdown takeover be next? Well, that's up to you, Directioners.

Meanwhile, Demi Lovato's video for the power ballad 'Let It Go' from the film 'Frozen' landed at No. 4, crashing the party.

But these numbers can change moving forward, as the new poll is now open until 3PM ET next Thursday. So start voting for your favorite video...NOW!

The new winners will be announced on Dec. 12 after 4PM ET.

Stop reading and start voting for your favorite videos.

  • 10

    Emblem3, '3000 Miles'

  • 9

    Katy Perry, 'Unconditionally'

  • 8

    Bruno Mars, 'Gorilla'

  • 7

    Selena Gomez, 'Slow Down'

  • 6

    Britney Spears, 'Work Bitch'

  • 5

    Lady Gaga, 'Applause'

  • 4

    Demi Lovato, 'Let It Go'

  • 3

    One Direction, 'Story of My Life'

  • 2

    Scotty McCreey, 'See You Tonight'

  • 1

    Backstreet Boys, 'Show 'Em'