For the fourth week in a row, Backstreet Boys are attempting to conquer the Pop Clash. When faced off against fellow boy band The Wanted, can BSB hold onto the title?

Backstreet Boys' 'In a World Like This' clearly has staying power! The guys have dominated the past three weeks with the uplifting track. With lyrics that acknowledge both positive and negative things in their lives, this song is a perfect reflection of the group's long-lasting career.

The Wanted, on the other hand, have a club hit with 'We Own the Night.' Like BSB, the Wanted have found a song that echoes their personalities. The laidback lads are all about having a good time, and this upbeat track showcases the zest for staying out into the wee hours of the morning.

Which song is your favorite? Vote for the Backstreet Boys’ ‘In a World Like This’ or The Wanted's 'We Own the Night' below! You can vote once per hour until the poll closes at 3PM ET on Sept. 2. Good luck!

Watch the Backstreet Boys 'In a World Like This' Video

Watch the Wanted's 'We Own the Night' Video

Rules of Pop Clash: The artist and song with the most votes wins, and the winner goes on to face a different challenger the following week. If an artist wins four weeks in a row, they will be retired into the Pop Clash Hall of Fame in order to give others a chance to compete.

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