Who has the guts to punk Tyler, the Creator? None other than MTV's own fearless 'Jackass' alum Bam Margera, who stages an elaborate food truck explosion to scare the crap out of the outspoken rapper on an upcoming episode of 'Punk'd.'

A short preview clip gives a few clues about how the punking goes down. A devious-looking Margera says, "I got some ideas... Tyler, you're getting punked." Cut to an outdoor scene where Tyler approaches a food truck. As an unknown person says, "You didn't turn on the gas," a massive explosion sets the truck and a stuntman (we hope) on fire and sends Tyler running for his life.

It's funny seeing the rapper sprint away and dive into the back of a pickup truck, but the preview almost portrays Tyler as more of a casual observer of some wild pyrotechnics, rather than the active victim of a practical joke. If you ask us, the poor guy getting set on fire is the real victim here!

The clip ends with Bam saying, "Tyler was the one making tacos," so maybe they're going to try to pin the fire on him. The premiere episode of the new season of 'Punk'd' airs on March 29. Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and Khloe Kardashian are among the other stars who receive the 'Punk'd' treatment during the season.

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