Music lovers become so attached to our favorite bands that if a singer leaves, it feels like the loss of a family member. That emotion was felt my millions worldwide on March 25, when One Direction's Zayn Malik announced he'd quit the group.

Through our tears, we recalled that this isn't the first time a band member shockingly and sadly left a group. Geri Halliwell made headlines when, in 1998, she opted to leave the Spice Girls in the height of their fame. On the other end of the spectrum, Destiny's Child shifted their lineup multiple times before settling on the final trio -- who went on to achieve massive worldwide success.

One thing all of these sad splits have in common is that's devastating for a fand to experience. However, when we consider the tough choice that was made and, hopefully, the peace of mind that comes to the person who left, we can't help but wish them well.

Relive some of the saddest and most dramatic band members splitting from groups in the gallery above.