Seattle-based band Barcelona have recently come out with their new single, 'Cure,' and PopCrush has the exclusive premiere of the music video. Check it out above!

'Cure' is a slow jam reminiscent of the '80s -- particularly with its heavy drum beat -- but it is far from outdated, and the band's killer harmonies are really what gives the song its heart. The track's timeless lyrics -- "Put your hands on my chest, I'll make you feel like you've been blessed / Put my words to the test, I want to make love to you" -- tell of wanting a lover to stay, an idea a little at odds with the location of the music video, which was filmed inside of a church.

"We got to shoot 'Cure' in an old church here in Seattle. When asked by the pastor what the song was about, I remember saying something like: 'Welp... it's about sex, religion and there are smoke machines,'" frontman Brian Fennell tells PopCrush about the making of the video. "Amazingly, the smoke machines were her only concern. There was also an old ladies' bible study going on and we kept seeing their heads poking up and watching us through the windows. I felt like Madonna, just less sacrilegious."

The guys of Barcelona will hit the road with the Fray this summer, touring all across the U.S. and Canada. You can get the tour dates here after you check out PopCrush's exclusive premiere of Barcelona's 'Cure' video above.