Everyone in the world has Bieber Fever -- and now its spread to athletes as well. Miami Marlins players Brian Petersen and Logan Morrison, affectionately dubbed Petey and LoMo, have been stricken with a case of Justin Bieber love, and they showed it beautifully and hilariously in a new video.

"We are here today to show Bieber how much we love him," Morrison said, "and to show how much we want him to love us." The duo then made hearts with their hands (similar to the ones you see at Taylor Swift concerts!). How adorable are these two?!

"Hearts for you, Biebs," Petersen said. "We love you Biebs."

The duo are determined to get Bieber into baseball, saying he's into basketball and hockey, but not their sport. How can they do it? Morrison said simply, "We gotta sing a song."

A skeptical Petersen replied, "That'll never happen." Perhaps inspired, Morrison didn't back down: "Never say never."

The duo perform an acoustic rendition of 'Never Say Never,' first breaking down into laughter without being able to get through a single verse. They know they need to practice for this just as much as they do for a big game: they do situps, they iron their Bieber shirts, they don headphones and recite lyrics.

Their work pays off. Eventually they learn all the words and chords, and though their vocals aren't nearly as smooth as Bieber's, we think they did an awesome job. Check out the simultaneously hysterical and adorable video below!

Watch Petey and LoMo Perform 'Never Say Never'