Are any of you gamers out there wondering what the song in the new 'Battlefield 3' trailer is? Look no further! The song playing amongst the digital gunfire and explosions is '99 Problems,' Jay-Z's third single from his critically-acclaimed 2004 LP 'The Black Album.'

At first, the song seems like an odd choice for the 'Battlefield 3' trailer, considering the standout verse on the track chronicles Jay-Z's run-in with a racist police officer. However, the only lyric that plays throughout the trailer is the chorus, when Jay-Z raps, "If you havin' girl problems I feel bad for you son / I got 99 problems but a b---- ain't one." This seems fitting, considering military men have plenty of stuff to worry about other than women -- like maybe getting shot at on a daily basis for instance?

The music to '99 Problems' is slightly altered for the 'Battlefield 3' trailer, with a slowed-down version of the original music playing instead of the hard-hitting rock/hip-hop guitar riffs that make up the signature beat. The explosions and gunfire seem to coincide with the music, making the trailer even more looming.

'99 Problems' was a big hit for Jay, and Rolling Stone actually named the song No. 2 on their '50 Best Songs of the Decade' list back in 2009. The video is also as bada-- as the song itself, as it was filmed in black and white in Jay's hometown of Brooklyn, N.Y. There are also several cameos in the video, including one from 'Sopranos' star James Gandolfini, the track's producer, Rick Rubin, and actor/director Vicent Gallo.

'Battlefield 3' will hit retailers on Oct. 25.

Watch the 'Battlefield 3' Trailer Featuring Jay-Z's '99 Problems'