Baylie Brown tried out during season six of 'American Idol' when she was merely 16. She was just a babe back then. This cutie actually made it to Hollywood during her first go of it, but she did not advance much further. Fast forward five years and she's a pretty, mature and grown up 21-year-old. She sang Bon Jovi's 'Bed of Roses' and delivered the song in a strong, pretty voice that had us convinced.

Brown revealed that she was somewhat forced out of the sixth season because of how she dealt with the group rounds, where she was paired with two BFFs from New Jersey who made things really hard for her. They moved forward; she did not.

But Baylie Brown clearly used the past half decade to improve her voice and build her confidence, so she got a unanimous pass to Hollywood, courtesy of her Houston audition, again. Let's hope that Brown has worked on her team building skills and is able to play nice this time out and make the most out of her second chance.

Watch Baylie Brown Sing Bon Jovi's 'Bed of Roses' on 'American Idol'