If you've been itching for a full-length, debut album from Bea Miller, you are not alone. So when Bea stopped by the PopCrush offices recently, we were totally excited to ask her anything and everything we could to get as many details about the album as possible. She was more than willing to answer our questions, and while we may not have a definitive answer as to the when, we did manage to get some insight on what to expect when it does come out.

The album is tentatively scheduled for a summer release, though according to Bea that might change. As for her favorite song? It's called 'Paper Doll' and it has a great story behind it. Bea said, "I co-wrote that song. I was sick, so my voice has this extra rasp to it and it sounds really, really cool! It's also a song that's really important to me because it's about being bullied and I think it's an important message, you know -- being bullied and not allowing it to affect you and standing up for yourself. I think that's a really important message for young girls." We love that Bea has so much input and creative control when it comes to her music, and that she's willing to stand behind a song that has such a strong message.

We don't want to give everything away -- you'll have to watch the video for that! -- but we can tell you that she let us in on her must-haves in-studio, her preferred atmosphere while recording and even her favorite lyrics on the album.

Check out our exclusive video with Bea, above!

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