Bea Miller just dropped a surprise cover on her YouTube channel of the song "Small Hands" by Keaton Henson.

The cover is an even more stripped down version of the already mellow, guitar-driven track. Bea plays guitar and sings along, which really allows her vocals to shine above all else.

Bea gave fans a slight heads up when she tweeted ahead of posting the video, writing, "posting a youtube cover of one of my favorite songs in the world for you lovelies so stay tunedddd." The video came as a surprise to fans as Bea is currently at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards and fans probably weren't expecting a brand new covered to be unveiled, but it definitely gets us excited for her upcoming album!

Speaking of which, we had a chance to chat with Bea about her upcoming album, and she spoke specifically about her favorite track, Paper Doll. She said of the song, "I co-wrote that song. I was sick, so my voice has this extra rasp to it and it sounds really, really cool! It’s also a song that’s really important to me because it’s about being bullied and I think it’s an important message, you know — being bullied and not allowing it to affect you and standing up for yourself. I think that’s a really important message for young girls.”

Check out the video of Bea's cover of "Small Hands" above!

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