There's nothing we here at PopCrush love more than letting artists know when they unknowingly reference iconic pop cultural milestones -- like the movie Titanic. And considering just how much we love all things Kate and Leo, we were totally thrilled when we noticed a line from the film in Bea Miller's song, "Young Blood" that reminded us of a line from Titanic. So when she stopped by the PopCrush offices, we had to ask her if it was an intentional reference or not.

If you've seen Titanic well over 30 times like we have, you'll undoubtedly recognize the line, "We make our own luck in this world," from "Young Blood." It's not verbatim what Billy Zane's character says ("A real man makes his own luck"), but it definitely sparked our interest. Sadly, it looks like it wasn't done on purpose, but Bea was totally thrilled when we brought it to her attention. She said, "Oh really? I didn’t even know that! I’m so excited that my song has a Titanic reference in it! I didn’t know that! No, [that line] was not inspired by Titanic, but that’s actually really cool and I kind of wish it was. That’s so awesome!”

Bea went on to let us know that she actually saw Titanic for the first time recently -- which made all of us feel like fossils straight out of the Triassic Age because we remember seeing it in theaters when it was first released. Thankfully, the beauty that is Titanic continues to live on amongst younger generations, because Bea was totally into it.

Check out the video above to see Bea tell it!

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